I’m Andy, just some guy down under in Australia based in the Hunter Region of NSW, I work as a photographer and in the electronics industry as a general tech head (web development, Linux administration, PCB design, etc). This blog is just a bit of personal ramblings about stuff I’m interested in.

Maybe thrown in a few tutorials of things I find useful.

You can see some of my photography work at andygock.com.au

Contact me via email: andy [at] agock [dot] com  

I’m also available to work on special odd projects if you have something interesting.

3 thoughts to “About”

  1. Thanks for the updated lib Andy. There was a hitch with the baudrate macros. They only round down and can produce inaccurate baudrates. As a suggestion people might use the following form:

    #define F_CPU whatever
    #define BAUD whatever
    #if USE_2X
    #define BAUD_SETTING UBRRL_VALUE + (UBRRH_VALUE << 8) + 0x8000

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