I’m Andy, just some guy down under in Australia based in the Hunter Region of NSW, I work as a photographer and in the electronics industry as a general tech head (web development, Linux administration, PCB design, etc). This blog is just a bit of personal ramblings about stuff I’m interested in.

Maybe thrown in a few tutorials of things I find useful.

You can see some of my photography work at andygock.com.au

Contact me via email: andy [at] agock [dot] com  

I’m also available to work on special odd projects if you have something interesting.

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  1. Thanks for the updated lib Andy. There was a hitch with the baudrate macros. They only round down and can produce inaccurate baudrates. As a suggestion people might use the following form:

    #define F_CPU whatever
    #define BAUD whatever
    #if USE_2X
    #define BAUD_SETTING UBRRL_VALUE + (UBRRH_VALUE << 8) + 0x8000

  2. Hi Andy. Thanks for the page with your thermocouple converter! I tried it for the first time yesterday (05-December-2017), and compared it against the NIST tables for type J and K thermocouples. it is right on so far!

    You have to be okay, because you:
    (1) Are into Arduino.
    (2) Are into Linux (viva Linus).
    (3) Take great photographs!

    When did you develop the thermocouple converter? You must do tech for employment.

    1. Thank you and no problem, I’m glad that you found it useful!

      I’ve made quite a few thermocouple conversion pages over the years in varying forms. You’re right, I do programming and web development as job too.

      – Andy

  3. Hi Andy
    I am using the MAX31855 and Kta259v3 library you wrote along with RTClib and SD libraries to measure and print the temperatures to the SD card. However i am getting ‘nan’ errors. Is it related to version of the library? I am new to Arduino so cant figure out the issue.

  4. Hello,

    My name is Alexis and i am trying to use your glcd library with Atmel Studio 7 with atmega328 and nokia display but i get a black screen. i believe is the contract because if i watch the display from a different angle i can see a value that increase and to bargraphs (vertical and horizontal)

    Can you suggest anything that can i do to make it work

    I have defined in the compiler the following:

    Example Code:
    #include “glcd\glcd.h”

    #define PCD8544_CONTRAST value
    uint8_t value = 50;

    /* Function prototypes */
    static void setup(void);

    static void setup(void)
    /* Set up glcd, also sets up SPI and relevent GPIO pins */

    // /* Backlight pin PL3, set as output, set high for 100% output */
    // DDRL |= (1<<3);
    // PORTL |= (1<<3);

    int main(void)

    while(1) {

    return 0;

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