Can spark SQL replace hive completely?

So answer to your question is “NO” spark will not replace hive or impala.

Does spark SQL require Hive?

Spark SQL does not use a Hive metastore under the covers (and defaults to in-memory non-Hive catalogs unless you’re in spark-shell that does the opposite). The default external catalog implementation is controlled by spark. sql.

Is spark better than Hive?

Hive and Spark are both immensely popular tools in the big data world. Hive is the best option for performing data analytics on large volumes of data using SQLs. Spark, on the other hand, is the best option for running big data analytics. It provides a faster, more modern alternative to MapReduce.

Why is spark SQL faster than Hive?

Speed: – The operations in Hive are slower than Apache Spark in terms of memory and disk processing as Hive runs on top of Hadoop. Read/Write operations: – The number of read/write operations in Hive are greater than in Apache Spark. This is because Spark performs its intermediate operations in memory itself.

Does spark support Hive?

Spark SQL supports the vast majority of Hive features, such as: Hive query statements, including: SELECT.

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Is Spark SQL different from SQL?

Spark SQL is a Spark module for structured data processing. … It provides a programming abstraction called DataFrames and can also act as a distributed SQL query engine. It enables unmodified Hadoop Hive queries to run up to 100x faster on existing deployments and data.

What is the difference between SQL and Hive?

Hive gives an interface like SQL to query data stored in various databases and file systems that integrate with Hadoop.

Difference between RDBMS and Hive:

It uses SQL (Structured Query Language). It uses HQL (Hive Query Language).
Schema is fixed in RDBMS. Schema varies in it.

Is Spark SQL faster?

Faster Execution – Spark SQL is faster than Hive. For example, if it takes 5 minutes to execute a query in Hive then in Spark SQL it will take less than half a minute to execute the same query.

Why is Spark so fast?

Spark is designed in a way that it transforms data in-memory and not in disk I/O. … This reduces processing time and the cost of memory at a time. Moreover, Spark supports parallel distributed processing of data, hence almost 100 times faster in memory and 10 times faster on disk.

What is the difference between hive and Spark SQL?

Hive provides schema flexibility, portioning and bucketing the tables whereas Spark SQL performs SQL querying it is only possible to read data from existing Hive installation. Hive provides access rights for users, roles as well as groups whereas no facility to provide access rights to a user is provided by Spark SQL.

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Is Athena same as hive?

Athena’s data catalog is Hive metastore compatible. If you’re using EMR and already have a Hive metastore, you simply execute your DDL statements on Amazon Athena, and then you can start querying your data right away without impacting your Amazon EMR jobs.

What is Apache Hive vs Spark?

Apache Hive and Apache Spark are two popular big data tools for data management and Big Data analytics. Hive is primarily designed to perform extraction and analytics using SQL-like queries, while Spark is an analytical platform offering high-speed performance.

What is Metastore?

Metastore is the central repository of Apache Hive metadata. It stores metadata for Hive tables (like their schema and location) and partitions in a relational database. It provides client access to this information by using metastore service API. … A service that provides metastore access to other Apache Hive services.

How does Spark integrate with Hive?

In Apache Spark:

  1. spark. hadoop. hive. llap. daemon. …
  2. Make sure spark. datasource. hive. warehouse. load. …
  3. Note that spark. security. credentials. hiveserver2. …
  4. When spark. security. credentials. hiveserver2. …
  5. When spark. security. credentials. hiveserver2.
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