Can we have two functions with the same name in a PL SQL block?

Can we have two functions with same name in a PL SQL block?

Overloading Subprogram Names. PL/SQL lets you overload subprogram names and type methods. You can use the same name for several different subprograms as long as their formal parameters differ in number, order, or datatype family. For an example of an overloaded procedure in a package, see Example 9-3.

Can you have two stored functions with the same name?

No. This is clearly stated in the MSDN documentation: Procedure names must comply with the rules for identifiers and must be unique within the schema. Since you have a table with the same name, in that schema, you cannot create the stored procedure with that name.

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Is a named PL SQL block?

2. Named blocks: That’s PL/SQL blocks which having header or labels are known as Named blocks. These blocks can either be subprograms like functions, procedures, packages or Triggers.

How functions and procedures are called in a PL SQL block?

Procedures and functions defined within a package are known as packaged subprograms. Procedures and functions nested inside other subprograms or within a PL/SQL block are known as local subprograms, which cannot be referenced by other applications and exist only inside of the enclosing block.

What is subprogram in PL SQL?

In this chapter, we will discuss Procedures in PL/SQL. … A subprogram can be invoked by another subprogram or program which is called the calling program.

What is overloaded subprogram?

An overloaded subprogram is a subprogram that has the same name as another subprogram in the same referencing environment. A subprogram must be different from the others in the number, order, or types of its parameters, and possibly in its return type if it is a function.

Can I have the same name for a procedure and function?

Overloading is the act of creating multiple subprograms – procedures or functions – with the same name. … While the procedures might have the same name, they must have different specs, different parameter lists.

Can 2 functions have same name and input parameters but differ only by return data type?

1 Answer. Yes, you can have two functions with same name and parameters of differet data types . These type of functions are called overloading function .

Can 2 functions have same name and input parameters but differ only by return datatype?

9 Answers. If both methods have same parameter types, but different return type than it is not possible.

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How many blocks are there in Plsql?

PL/SQL is a block-structured language whose code is organized into blocks. A PL/SQL block consists of three sections: declaration, executable, and exception-handling sections. In a block, the executable section is mandatory while the declaration and exception-handling sections are optional.

What are the two types of PL SQL blocks?

Types of PL/SQL Blocks

  • Anonymous Block.
  • Named Block.

How many types of blocks are there in Plsql?

There are three types of blocks that make up a PL/SQL program: Anonymous blocks: These are the unnamed PL/SQL blocks that are embedded within an application or are issued interactively. Procedures: These are the named PL/SQL blocks.

What is the difference between PL SQL procedure and function?

What is difference between procedure and function :

Procedure Function
Procedures will not return the value Functions must return the value. When you are writing functions make sure that you can write the return statement.
Procedures always executes as PL SQL statement Functions executes as part of expression

What is the difference between procedure and function in Plsql?

A procedure is a named PL/SQL block that carries out one or more actions. A function is a named PL/SQL block that returns a value.

Can we call procedure inside a function in PL SQL?

Because it is permitted to call procedure inside the function.

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