Can you return multiple variables in JavaScript?

Summary. JavaScript doesn’t support functions that return multiple values. However, you can wrap multiple values into an array or an object and return the array or the object.

Can you return multiple variables?

As you already know a function can return a single variable, but it can also return multiple variables.

How many variables can be returned from a function?

You can return only one thing from a function. Either you make a struct which contains all the things you want to return, or you pass some function parameters by reference.

Can you return a variable in JavaScript?

JavaScript passes a value from a function back to the code that called it by using the return statement. The value to be returned is specified in the return. That value can be a constant value, a variable, or a calculation where the result of the calculation is returned.

How can a function return 3 values in Java?

5 ways to return multiple values from a method in Java

  1. Using a POJO class instance. This is the most commonly used method to return multiple values from a method in Java. …
  2. Using javafx. util. …
  3. Return an array of specific type or an object array. …
  4. Return a Collection.
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How can I return multiple values from a string in Java?

Returning Multiple values in Java

  1. If all returned elements are of same type.
  2. If returned elements are of different types.
  3. Using Pair (If there are only two returned values) We can use Pair in Java to return two values.
  4. If there are more than two returned values. …
  5. Returning list of Object Class.

How can I return multiple values from a return?

If we want the function to return multiple values of same data types, we could return the pointer to array of that data types. We can also make the function return multiple values by using the arguments of the function.

Can a function return more than one data if needed to return more than one data how do you arrange?

We can return more than one values from a function by using the method called “call by address”, or “call by reference”. In the invoker function, we will use two variables to store the results, and the function will take pointer type data. So we have to pass the address of the data.

Can a function have multiple return statements?

A function can have multiple return statements. When any of them is executed, the function terminates. A function can return multiple types of values.

How do you return in JavaScript?

The return statement is used to return a particular value from the function to the function caller. The function will stop executing when the return statement is called. The return statement should be the last statement in a function because the code after the return statement will be unreachable.

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How does return work in JavaScript?

When a return statement is used in a function body, the execution of the function is stopped. If specified, a given value is returned to the function caller. For example, the following function returns the square of its argument, x , where x is a number. If the value is omitted, undefined is returned instead.

What is return true in JavaScript?

Every function in JavaScript returns undefined unless otherwise specified. As expected, when we invoke our function undefined is returned in the console. As you can see, our explicitly returned true value replaces the default undefined value.

How can I return multiple data types in Java?

Java doesn’t support multi-value returns but returning multiple values with different datatype in Java is possible via creating a class. In above case Test and encapsulating encapsulating all returned types into that class in above case a double and an integer value is to be returned.

How do you input multiple values in Java?

  1. import java.util.Scanner;
  2. public class MultipleStringInputExample1.
  3. {
  4. public static void main(String[] args)
  5. {
  6. Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
  7. System.out.print(“Please enter the number of strings you want to enter: “);
  8. //takes an integer input.

How do I return multiple values in node JS?


  1. JavaScript doesn’t support functions that return multiple values. However, you can wrap multiple values into an array or an object and return the array or the object.
  2. Use destructuring assignment syntax to unpack values from the array, or properties from objects.
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