How do I download node js version?

How do I download a specific version of node JS?

Step 2: For installing the previous version of Node use the following command:

  1. In windows: npm install -g node@version. Example: npm install -g node@10.9.0.
  2. In linux: sudo apt-get install nodejs=version-1chl1~precise1. Example: sudo apt-get install nodejs=10.9.0-1chl1~precise1.

How do I get node js version?

To see if Node is installed, open the Windows Command Prompt, Powershell or a similar command line tool, and type node -v . This should print the version number so you’ll see something like this v0. 10.35 . Test NPM.

Which version of node JS should I download?

Which Node JS version to use? You should always use even-numbered versions marked LTS that says “Recommended for Most Users” on the download page. An even number Node version is 12.

What is latest version of node JS?

Node 16 is the LTS version since 2021-10-26, while Node 17 became the Current version from 2021-10-19. The next LTS version, v18 is planned to take over on 2022-10-25. In this article below, you’ll find changelogs and download / update information regarding Node. js!

How do I install a specific version of Node Mac?

2. Updating Node using npm (or selecting a specific version)

  1. Clear the npm cache: npm cache clean -f.
  2. Install the n module: npm install -g n.
  3. Then you can install the latest Node version: n stable or Select a version to install: n [version.number] – the version number can be like 4.9.1 or 8 or v6.1.
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How do I use a specific version of node?


  1. Get a List of all available NodeJs versions. …
  2. Install latest NodeJs version. …
  3. Install latest LTS Release. …
  4. UnInstall the multiple NodeJs version. …
  5. Get a List of installed NodeJs version. …
  6. Switching Between installed NodeJs Versions. …
  7. Run to specific NodeJs version, without switching.

How do I download node js in Linux?

js on your Ubuntu operating system.

  1. Step 1: Open your terminal or press Ctrl + Alt + T.
  2. Step 2: To install node.js use the following command: sudo apt install nodejs.
  3. Step 3: Once installed, verify it by checking the installed version using the following command: node -v or node –version.

How do I get Nodejs?

Installation of NodeJS and NPM is straightforward using the installer package available at NodeJS official web site.

  1. Download the installer from NodeJS WebSite.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Follow the installer steps, agree the license agreement and click the next button.
  4. Restart your system/machine.

How do I download node for Mac?

Here’s the abbreviated guide, highlighting the major steps:

  1. Go to the Node. js Downloads page.
  2. Download Node. …
  3. Run the downloaded Node. …
  4. Run the installer, including accepting the license, selecting the destination, and authenticating for the install.
  5. You’re finished!

How do I update node js to latest version?

How to update Node. js and NPM to next version ?

  1. Update Node. …
  2. Update npm: To update NPM, use the following command: npm install -g npm.
  3. Below is a demonstration for updating Node. …
  4. Check if nvm is installed successfully Open a new terminal nvm -v.
  5. To install latest version of node, use the following command.
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What is install npm?

npm install downloads a package and it’s dependencies. npm install can be run with or without arguments. When run without arguments, npm install downloads dependencies defined in a package. json file and generates a node_modules folder with the installed modules.

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