How do I get last 30 days in SQL?

SELECT * FROM product WHERE pdate >= DATEADD(day, -30, getdate()).

How do I get previous days data in SQL Server?

To get yesterday’s date, you need to subtract one day from today’s date. Use GETDATE() to get today’s date (the type is datetime ) and cast it to date . In SQL Server, you can subtract or add any number of days using the DATEADD() function.

How can I get days in a month in SQL?

In SQL Server 2012 you can use EOMONTH (Transact-SQL) to get the last day of the month and then you can use DAY (Transact-SQL) to get the number of days in the month.

How do I get the last day of the month in SQL Server 2008?

SELECT CAST(DATEADD(SECOND, -1, DATEADD(MONTH, DATEDIFF(MONTH, ‘2000-01-01’, GETDATE()) + 1, ‘2000-01-01’)) AS DATE) AS EOMonth ; It calculates the number of months that have passed since the base date (I’ve used 2001-01-01 but you could use the first of any month).

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How can I get tomorrow data in SQL?

Viewing the data in the table: SELECT* FROM schedule; Query to get the yesterday and tomorrow of current date: To get the yesterday and tomorrow of the current date we can use the CURRDATE() function in MySQL and subtract 1 from it to get yesterday and add 1 to it to get tomorrow.

How can I get current date record in SQL?

Usage Options. SQL Server provides several different functions that return the current date time including: GETDATE(), SYSDATETIME(), and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. The GETDATE() and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP functions are interchangeable and return a datetime data type. The SYSDATETIME() function returns a datetime2 data type.

How do I get the current date minus 1 day in SQL?

“current date minus 1 day in sql” Code Answer’s

  1. SELECT GETDATE() ‘Today’, DATEADD(day,-2,GETDATE()) ‘Today – 2 Days’
  2. SELECT GETDATE() ‘Today’, DATEADD(dd,-2,GETDATE()) ‘Today – 2 Days’
  3. SELECT GETDATE() ‘Today’, DATEADD(d,-2,GETDATE()) ‘Today – 2 Days’

How do I get last 12 months data in SQL Server?

How to Get Last 12 Months Sales Data in SQL. mysql> select * from sales where order_date> now() – INTERVAL 12 month; In the above query, we use system function now() to get current datetime. Then we use INTERVAL clause to filter those records where order_date falls after an interval of 12 months before present datetime …

How do I get current month data in SQL Server?

To Find Current Month Data With SQL Query

  1. SELECT Agentname,cast(Sum(agentAmount) as int) as Tolling.
  2. from TABLENAME where datepart(mm,DATEFIELDNAME) =month(getdate())
  3. and datepart(yyyy,DATEFIELDNAME) =year(getdate())
  4. group by agentname order by Tolling desc.

How do I display 12 months in SQL?

So for your example you could use the following: ;WITH months(MonthNumber) AS ( SELECT 0 UNION ALL SELECT MonthNumber+1 FROM months WHERE MonthNumber < 12 ) select * from months; In my version the months is the name of the result set that you are producing and the monthnumber is the value.

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How can I get start date and end date of month in SQL Server?

Syntax : = EOMONTH(start_date, months)

EOMONTH takes 2 parameters, first as StartDate and next as month travels from that start date, and then outputs the last day of that month. If we set parameter months as 0, then EOMONTH will output the last day of the month in which StartDate falls.

How do I get the first day of every month in SQL?

You can provide other date like this.

  1. DECLARE @myDate DATETIME = ’02/15/2020′; — its mm/dd/yyyy format. …

How do I get the first day of the next month in SQL?

Let’s understand the method to get first day of current month, we can fetch day component from the date (e.g. @mydate) using DATEPART and subtract this day component to get last day of previous month. Add one day to get first day of current month.

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