Is Java a bad language Reddit?

Why is Java a bad language?

The Java programming language and Java software platform have been criticized for design choices including the implementation of generics, forced object-oriented programming, the handling of unsigned numbers, the implementation of floating-point arithmetic, and a history of security vulnerabilities in the primary Java …

Why is Java hated?

“Many of today’s experienced engineers learned Java as their first or primary programming language in college. Some amount of the hate Java receives is probably because they associate the language with the frustration of learning to code, or learning a new programming language,” Lent said via email.

Why do you hate Java Reddit?

the whole reason behind the Java hate is because way back in the 1.4 JVM days, java was the language to use when you wanted to write BIG company applications. unfortunately, the 1.4 JVM was horrible when it came to speed.

Is Java a bad first language Reddit?

Java isn’t a bad language, but if you’re just starting and you don’t know the fundamentals of recursion, looping, branching, what patterns are or why algorithm choice is important, the syntax will get in the way and make learning those fundamentals take longer than it should.

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Is Java a dying language?

Myth #1: “Java is dying”

A huge number of programs have been written since the beginning of the use of this language, which is still alive and in need of support, such specialists will be in demand for a long time to come. Java is used in world-famous companies like Google, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Oracle and IBM.

Is Java bad for your computer?

Using Java is an unnecessary security risk… especially using older versions which have vulnerabilities that malicious sites can use to exploit and infect your system. Although, Java is commonly used in business environments and many VPN providers still use it, the average user does not need to install Java software.

Is Java hard Reddit?

From what I’ve been told, Java is a little more difficult than most languages, so I’m thinking if I start with it moving onto others will be somewhat easy, especially something like Python, because the same concepts are used in both. Several people I’ve met have been very against me starting off with Java.

Does anyone still use Java?

As you can see, Java is still commonly used in our daily life in different ways. It touches every software development field and is used by popular platforms that you might often use, such as Twitter, Google, Amazon, Spotify, and YouTube.

Why is Java insecure?

Hard-to-patch bugs in Java applications are proving a difficult problem to solve. … The most common bug it has found in Java applications is a vulnerable version of a component called Apache Commons Collections, present in 25 percent of the Java applications it scanned.

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Is Java hated?

Java is disliked because it had been incredibly successful. Success for a programming language means wide use by people at many different levels of experience and with many different requirements, at at least some of those people won’t like any given language.

Is Java a good first language Reddit?

Java as such is a great language for starting. It is verbose (which is positive for beginners), rock solid, has explicit and static typing, is object oriented, has excellent tooling and probably the largest ecosystem on the planet.

Is Java over complicated?

Java as a language is certainly not too complicated. J2EE in its entirety is only just about feasible for a one-man team – but you rarely need the whole of J2EE. It’s perfectly reasonable for a one-man team to implement a medium-sized web application.

Is Java worth learning 2021?

In fact, if you’re planning to go for an Android development career in the next few years, then you’ll need to learn Java anyway. In 2021, most people would say that Java is worth learning. They might say this because they feel like it’s a valuable skill to have for a programmer or developer.

Is Java useful in 2021?

Java is essential for enterprise-level web apps and microservices, which are on the rise in the next year. In 2021, Java will still dominate the banking sector and the Indian IT market. Java is essential for Android development, as it offers strong memory allocation and high performance.

Is Java worth it in 2021?

The answer is simple: yes. As the world moves more towards mobile apps and convenience, Java is becoming more and more instrumental as a language. It’s one of the strongest languages we see, ranked third most popular with recruiters in the last two years. … It’s definitely worth it to learn Java in 2021.

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