What is register out parameter in Java?

Registers the OUT parameter in ordinal position parameterIndex to the JDBC type sqlType . All OUT parameters must be registered before a stored procedure is executed. The JDBC type specified by sqlType for an OUT parameter determines the Java type that must be used in the get method to read the value of that parameter.

What is the use of CallableStatement in Java?

CallableStatement is used to execute SQL stored procedures. JDBC provides a stored procedure SQL escape that allows stored procedures to be called in a standard way for all RDBMS’s. This escape syntax has one form that includes a result parameter and one that does not.

What is prepareCall?

You can create an object of the CallableStatement (interface) using the prepareCall() method of the Connection interface. This method accepts a string variable representing a query to call the stored procedure and returns a CallableStatement object.

What does CallableStatement execute returned?

A CallableStatement can return one ResultSet object or multiple ResultSet objects. … For maximum portability, a call’s ResultSet objects and update counts should be processed prior to getting the values of output parameters.

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Should CallableStatement be closed?

If you close the Connection object first, it will close the CallableStatement object as well. However, you should always explicitly close the CallableStatement object to ensure proper cleanup.

What is the difference between Statement PreparedStatement and CallableStatement?

In this post, we will discuss about the differences between Statement, PreparedStatement and CallableStatement in detail.

Statement Vs PreparedStatement Vs CallableStatement In Java :

Statement PreparedStatement CallableStatement
It is used to execute normal SQL queries. It is used to execute parameterized or dynamic SQL queries. It is used to call the stored procedures.

How we can use CallableStatement?

How to Use Callable Statement in Java to Call Stored Procedure?

  1. Load MySQL driver and Create a database connection. import java.sql.*; …
  2. Create a SQL String. We need to store the SQL query in a String. …
  3. Create CallableStatement Object. …
  4. Set The Input Parameters. …
  5. Call Stored Procedure.

What is difference between executeQuery and executeUpdate?

executeUpdate() : This method is used for execution of DML statement(INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE) which is return int value, count of the affected rows. executeQuery() : This method is used to retrieve data from database using SELECT query.

What is difference between Statement and PreparedStatement?

Statement is used for executing a static SQL statement in java JDBC. PreparedStatement is used for executing a precompiled SQL statement in java JDBC. java. … PreparedStatement can be executed repeatedly, it can accept different parameters at runtime in java JDBC.

What is executeUpdate in Java?

The executeUpdate( ) method works just like the execute( ) method, except that it returns an integer value that reports the number of rows affected by the SQL statement. … Then, the Statement object’s executeUpdate( ) method is called to execute the SQL DELETE statement, returning the number of rows affected into rslt .

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What is JDBC transaction management?

Transaction Management in JDBC

ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, isolation and durability. Atomicity means either all successful or none. Consistency ensures bringing the database from one consistent state to another consistent state. Isolation ensures that transaction is isolated from other transaction.

What is the correct order to close database resource?

The rules for closing JDBC resources are: The ResultSet object is closed first, then the Statement object, then the Connection object.

What is the return type of executeQuery () method?

executeQuery : Returns one ResultSet object. executeUpdate : Returns an integer representing the number of rows affected by the SQL statement. Use this method if you are using INSERT , DELETE , or UPDATE SQL statements.

Why do we need JDBC statements?

The JDBC API was modeled after ODBC, but, because JDBC is a Java API, it offers a natural Java interface for working with SQL. JDBC is needed to provide a “pure Java” solution for application development.

Which method is used to create a CallableStatement object?

The prepareCall method is used to create new CallableStatement objects. As with the prepareStatement method, the SQL statement must be supplied at the time that the CallableStatement object is created.

Which of the following is correct about CallableStatement?

Q 4 – Which of the following is correct about CallableStatement? A – Used when you want to access the database stored procedures.

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