Your question: How do you make a ResultSet updatable in Java?

Can we create updatable ResultSet in Java?

To make the ResultSet object updatable and scrollable we must use the following constants which are present in the ResultSet interface. The above two constants must be specified while we are creating Statement object by using the following method: … createStatement (ResultSet. TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE, ResultSet.

Are results updatable?

A forward only updatable result set maintains a cursor which can only move in one direction (forward), and also update rows. A scrollable updatable result set maintains a cursor which can both scroll and update rows. Updatable result set can be used to insert rows to the table, by using ResultSet.

How do you create a ResultSet object in Java?

JDBC ResultSet and Generic Class List Using Java Reflection Annotations

  1. Create a custom annotation.
  2. Create a Model class, which contains mapping fields to the ResultSet column names with the created annotation.
  3. Call the ResultSet.
  4. Load the ResultSet for each value into the object.
  5. Check for the Primitive type.

What is scrollable ResultSet in Java?

A scrollable ResultSet is one which allows us to retrieve the data in forward direction as well as backward direction but no updations are allowed.

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How do I make a ResultSet updatable?

Updatable ResultSet Example

  1. Load the JDBC driver, using the forName(String className) API method of the Class. …
  2. Create a Connection to the database. …
  3. Create a Statement, using the createStatement() API method of the Connection.

What is updatable ResultSet in Java?

An updatable ResultSet object allows us to update a column value, insert column values and delete a row. Here the code snippet that makes a scrollable and updatable result set object.

Is it possible to update resultsets?

The concurrency of a ResultSet object determines what level of update functionality is supported. There are two concurrency levels: CONCUR_READ_ONLY : The ResultSet object cannot be updated using the ResultSet interface. CONCUR_UPDATABLE : The ResultSet object can be updated using the ResultSet interface.

How can you retrieve information from a ResultSet?

executeQuery method to obtain the result table from the SELECT statement in a ResultSet object. In a loop, position the cursor using the next method, and retrieve data from each column of the current row of the ResultSet object using getXXX methods. XXX represents a data type. Invoke the ResultSet.

How many ways can you update a ResultSet?

When you create your query statement, you must specify a result set type to let the driver know you want to update result set values. The three statement creation methods—createStatement, prepareStatement, and prepareCall—allow you to specify a result set type and a result set concurrency.

What is JDBC ResultSet?

The SQL statements that read data from a database query, return the data in a result set. The SELECT statement is the standard way to select rows from a database and view them in a result set.

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What is result in Java?

Java SDK. Result objects are wrapper objects that indicate whether or not the API call was a success and, if successful, include the requested data. API calls that don’t have validations, such as searches, will return a collection of requested objects instead of a result object.

What is scrollable ResultSet in hibernate?

ScrollableResults is like a cursor . An important feature of ScrollableResults is that it allows accessing ith object in the current row of results, without initializing any other results in the row through get(int i) function. It also allows moving back and forth the result set using next() and previous() function.

What is scrollable and updatable ResultSet in Java?

A scrollable updatable result set maintains a cursor which can both scroll and update rows. Derby only supports scrollable insensitive result sets. To create a scrollable insensitive result set which is updatable, the statement has to be created with concurrency mode ResultSet.

What is ResultSet scroll type?

ResultSet Scroll Sensitive Type ( TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE ) : specifies that a resultset is scrollable in either direction and is affected by changes committed by other transactions or statements within the same transaction.