Can we call API from SQL Server trigger?

But the answer is Yes to your question – you can do that, just make sure to call the web service asynchronously, so it does not delay the insert while the web service call finishes.

Can we call API from SQL trigger?

Have you ever wondered how you can call a REST API from a trigger in SQL server? … You just need to create a trigger that executes the stored procedure and you are done. Run the following query to enable OLE automation procedures.

Can SQL server call an API?

First of all, to make an HTTP request call from a stored procedure, you need to enable the OLE automation procedures. By default, the OLE automation procedures are disabled on your SQL server instance. Only a system administrator user can allow access to OLE Automation procedures by using sp_configure.

How do I connect to an API in SQL?

These are the steps we need to follow:

  1. Create a Blank Web API project.
  2. Select Web API in the template selection window.
  3. Create a table and Insert data to the database table.
  4. Add a web service.
  5. Add an ADO.NET Entity Data Model.
  6. Create a new connection with SQL server.
  7. Generate entities from Database.
  8. Add a Controller.
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Can we call web service from trigger?

We cannot call external web services synchronously from triggers, because calling a web service synchronously from triggers will hold up the database transaction until the callout completed.

Can we call webservice from SQL Server stored procedure?

In this blog, I have shown the process of calling web services through a stored procedure in SQL Server database. Also, I have explained how to call a stored procedure with a SOAP Envelope. Create a stored procedure in your SQL Server. The Stored Procedure takes the following parameters.

What is API in SQL Server?

The SQL Assessment API provides a mechanism to evaluate the configuration of your SQL Server for best practices. The API is delivered with a ruleset containing best practice rules suggested by SQL Server Team.

Can SSIS call a REST API?

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service) is a data migration software which is used to extract, transform, and load the data. Apart from extracting and loading the data, SSIS can also call the API to perform a certain task.

How do I write a SQL query in REST API?


  1. Step 3-1. Deploy SQL statements as a web service.
  2. Step 3-2. Specify a name for the resource (web service)
  3. Step 3-3. Specify database properties.
  4. Step 3-4. Specify SQL statements.
  5. Step 3-5. Specify SQL information.
  6. Step 3-6. Specify resource method information.
  7. Step 3-7. Specify user ID for this service.
  8. Step 3-8.

Is SQL an API?

What is SQL API? CARTO’s SQL API allows you to interact with your tables and data inside CARTO, as if you were running SQL statements against a normal database. You can use the SQL API to insert, update or delete data, or to select data from public tables in order to use it on your website or application.

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What is REST API vs Web API?

While Web API in the time of Web 1.0 was synonymous with SOAP-based web services, today in Web 2.0, the term SOAP is edging towards REST-style web resources.

Differences between REST and SOAP APIs.

More secure since it boasts SSL and HTTPS It only features SSL

What is the difference between an API and SQL?

SQL is the language used for storing and retrieving data. An API (Application Programming Interface) is a piece of program / code which lets you interface / communicate with an application.

Can we call future method from trigger?

Yes, we can call a future method from a trigger. The only way to execute a callout from a trigger is to run it asynchronously and this can be achieved by executing a method with the @future method. Future methods execute asynchronously i.e. one does not need to wait for a response.

Can we call API from trigger in Salesforce?

The trigger will make a REST API call to Salesforce and will insert/update the record in the ‘Account’ object in Salesforce.

How do you trigger a web service?

You just need to provide the Web Service URL, select POST, set the proper content-type header (text/xml, application/soap+xml, etc.), and provide the proper xml soap body in the request. Click Send.

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