Frequent question: Can SQL table names have numbers?

It’s clear that you can use numeric characters in SQL table names and use them so long as they’re not at the beginning.

Can SQL table name contain numbers?

Table names can contain any valid characters (for example, spaces). If table names contain any characters except letters, numbers, and underscores, the name must be delimited by enclosing it in back quotes (`).

Can table name have number?

Table names shouldn’t start with a number. They fall into the category of identifiers which , per Books Online, must conform to the following: The rules for the format of regular identifiers depend on the database compatibility level.

Can mysql table name be a number?

The answer is yes, as given by karim79, as long as you take care to quote the table names. You could of course use a prefix with a numer, eg. mytable1, mytable2, … ; that would work without quoting.

What are valid table names in SQL?

The rules for naming database objects (such as tables, columns, views, and database procedures) are as follows: Names can contain only alphanumeric characters and must begin with an alphabetic character or an underscore (_). Database names must begin with an alphabetic character, and cannot begin with an underscore.

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Can SQL database name start with number?

A quick test says, yes you can.

Should SQL table names be capitalized?

SQL standard requires names stored in uppercase

The SQL standard requires identifiers be stored in all-uppercase.

Can SQL table name have special characters?

SQL Server lets you use special characters in table names if you enclose the name with brackets, e.g., ‘CREATE TABLE [0099-OL.HK] …’.

Can SQL column names have spaces?

Column names can contain any valid characters (for example, spaces).

How long can a SQL table name be?

The table name is very important in SQL server. The maximum length of table name characters is 128. There is no limitation for creating tables in SQL server.

Can MySQL column names have number?

So yes, you can do it — you need to use backtics around the name. Names in MySQL can start with a digit, but cannot be entirely digits — they cannot be confusable with an integer.

What are the rules for naming a table in MySQL?

By default, MySQL encloses column names and table names in quotation marks. Table names can use any character that is allowed in a file name except for a period or a forward slash. Table names must be 32 characters or less because SAS does not truncate a longer name.

Which characters are not allowed in MySQL?

ASCII NUL (U+0000) and supplementary characters (U+10000 and higher) are not permitted in quoted or unquoted identifiers. Identifiers may begin with a digit but unless quoted may not consist solely of digits. Database, table, and column names cannot end with space characters.

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Can SQL column start with number?

You can create table or column name such as “15909434_user” and also user_15909434 , but cannot create table or column name begin with numeric without use of double quotes. So then, I am curious about the reason behind that (except it is a convention).

Should SQL table names be plural?

When naming tables, you have two options – to use the singular for the table name or to use a plural. My suggestion would be to always go with names in the singular. If you’re naming entities that represent real-world facts, you should use nouns. These are tables like employee, customer, city, and country.

Can table names have underscore?

Nope. Underscores are perfectly legal in table names. This page here in the MySQL documentation tells you about what characters are allowed. Personally I tend to stick with lowercase a-z, the occasional number, and underscores.

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