How can I tell if MySQL is case sensitive?

How do I know if MySQL database is case-sensitive?

The way to determine if a database or database object is to check its “COLLATION” property and look for “CI” or “CS” in the result. The CI indicates that the server is case insensitive.

Is MySQL user case-sensitive?

MySQL compares data in a case-insensitive manner except for database, table and column names.

How do I make MySQL case-insensitive?

In order to prevent this problem you need to set the mysql variable lower_case_table_names=1 in /etc/mysql/my. cnf file. In this way the mysql server will store the table in the file system using lower case.

Is SQL case-sensitive like?

8 Answers. It is not the operator that is case sensitive, it is the column itself. When a SQL Server installation is performed a default collation is chosen to the instance.

When Is SQL case-sensitive?

11 Answers. The SQL Keywords are case-insensitive ( SELECT , FROM , WHERE , etc), but are often written in all caps. However in some setups table and column names are case-sensitive. MySQL has a configuration option to enable/disable it.

Why is MySQL not case-sensitive?

MySQL converts all table names to lowercase on storage and lookup. This behavior also applies to database names and table aliases. Table and database names are stored on disk using the lettercase specified in the CREATE TABLE or CREATE DATABASE statement, but MySQL converts them to lowercase on lookup.

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Is MySQL varchar case-sensitive?

The CHAR and VARCHAR types are not case sensitive by default, but may be declared as BINARY to make them case sensitive.

Is MySQL primary key case-sensitive?

yes. ci is case insensitive.

Which of the following is case sensitive in MySQL?

8. Which of the following is case sensitive in MySQL? Explanation: Column names and indexes are not case sensitive on any platform and neither are column aliases. Unlike the standard SQL, the names of the log file groups are always case sensitive.

Are database names case sensitive?

Database, table, table aliases and trigger names are affected by the systems case-sensitivity, while index, column, column aliases, stored routine and event names are never case sensitive.

Are MySQL column names case-sensitive?

Column, index, stored routine, and event names are not case-sensitive on any platform, nor are column aliases. However, names of logfile groups are case-sensitive. This differs from standard SQL. By default, table aliases are case-sensitive on Unix, but not so on Windows or macOS.

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