How do I find the number of Sundays between two dates in SQL?

How do you count the number of Sundays between two dates?

Select a blank cell, here is C2, and type this formula =B2-A2-INT((B2-A2-WEEKDAY(B2)+1)/7) into it, and then press Enter key, a date displayed. Then keep the result selected, click Home tab, and go to the Number group to format the cell to General or Number in the Number Format drop-down list.

How do I get all Saturday and Sunday between two dates in SQL?

The statement DATEDIFF(dd,@fromdate,@todate) + 1 gives the number of dates between the two dates. The statement DATEDIFF(wk,@fromdate,@todate) gives the number of weeks between dates and * 2 gives us the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) count.

How do I get the number of Sundays in a month in SQL?

use the INTEGERS table to generate a series of dates beginning with the first day of that month, to cover all dates in the month. use a date function to determine if the generated date is a Sunday. use COUNT() on the result of the test for Sunday.

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How do you find the number of weekends between two dates?

Let’s see how this formula works: The NETWORKDAYS function try to calculate the number of working days (weekdays) between two dates, and the DAYS function will count the number of days between two dates. So you can use days number to subtract working days, then you will get the number of weekends days.

How do I calculate weekend between two dates in Excel?

How to Calculate Weekdays Between Two Dates in Excel

  1. Click inside the cell where the formula will reside.
  2. Type =networkdays(
  3. Then type in the first date of the range encased in “”. For example “4/6/2012”.
  4. Then type a comma and the end date of the range encased in quotes.
  5. Close your parenthis and hit enter.

How do I get the number of weekends of current month in SQL Server?

getting count of weekend days in month

  1. create function getweekenddayscount.
  2. (
  3. @date datetime.
  4. )
  5. returns int.
  6. as.
  7. begin.
  8. declare @weekenddays int.

How use Datename function in SQL?

Can be one of the following values:

  1. year, yyyy, yy = Year.
  2. quarter, qq, q = Quarter.
  3. month, mm, m = month.
  4. dayofyear = Day of the year.
  5. day, dy, y = Day.
  6. week, ww, wk = Week.
  7. weekday, dw, w = Weekday.
  8. hour, hh = hour.

How do you calculate working days in Excel excluding weekends and holidays in SQL?

— Count Days between giving dates but exclude Saturday+Sunday and Bank Holidays DECLARE @Count AS INT = 0, @Date AS DATETIME2 = @DateFrom

  1. WHILE @Date
  2. IF ((DATEPART (WEEKDAY, @Date) IN (1, 7))
  3. (SELECT *
  5. WHERE CalendarDate = @Date.
  6. AND isHoliday = 1.
  7. AND (DayID 7 OR DayID 1)))
  8. BEGIN.
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How do you write only even rows from a table?

Selecting ODD or EVEN rows from a table

  1. Write a subquery with an ORDER BY clause. Along with the data columns, select the pseudocolumn rownum with an alias, say rn.
  2. In the outer query, reference the alias rn and use the mod function to get odd rows or even rows.

How do you calculate weekdays between two dates in Python?

“get working days between two dates python” Code Answer’s

  1. from datetime import date.
  2. d0 = date(2017, 8, 18)
  3. d1 = date(2017, 10, 26)
  4. delta = d1 – d0.
  5. print(delta. days)

How do I calculate the number of days between two dates in SQL Server?

PRINT DATEDIFF(DAY, ‘1/1/2011’, ‘3/1/2011’) will give you what you’re after. This gives the number of times the midnight boundary is crossed between the two dates. You may decide to need to add one to this if you’re including both dates in the count – or subtract one if you don’t want to include either date.

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