How far is Java from Bali?

The distance between Bali and Java is 561 km.

How long is the ferry from Java to Bali?

The Java-Bali ferry ride is 40-45 minutes long.

How do I get from Bali to Java?

The ferry that runs the only sea route from Bali to Java, from Gilimanuk ferry port in West Bali to Ketapang port in East Java, is a vehicle ferry. Your hotel can arrange a driver. The entire journey should take around 10-11 hours; the ferry takes 30 minutes and the drive from Ketapang to Yogyakarta is around 8 hours.

Is Java cheaper than Bali?

Cost: Yes, Bali is cheaper than most of the places you have been to, but Bali is 3 times costlier than Java.As a comparison we can compare the most common beach side snack, a coconut, costs a minimum 25,000 IDR in Bali will only cost you around 8,000 IDR in Java, friendly locals as an extra.

Is Java in Indonesia safe?

Is it Safe to Visit Java in Indonesia? Java is generally a safe place for travelers to visit. As always when visiting another country, travelers should be aware of their surroundings, especially in crowded areas and when using public transport. Tourists are rarely the target of any violent crimes in Indonesia.

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Is there a bridge between Java and Bali?

The Indonesian government has considered a bridge across the strait. The project is obstructed by economic hardships, as well as objections from certain locals in Bali. Currently there is no fixed link to Bali, only a ferry between Ketapang in Java and Gilimanuk, Jembrana Regency, Bali.

How much is the ferry from Bali to Java?

The ticket is 6.000 Rp, for a passenger without vehicles. If you have a motorbike or a car you need to go to another entrance. There is no fixed schedule for the departure, but I just wait 15 minutes. The ferry works 24 hours a day.

What is Java famous for?

Java has been famous for rice surpluses and rice exports since ancient times, and rice farming has contributed to the island’s population growth. Indonesia is the third largest producer of rice in the world and also one of the largest consumers of rice in the world.

Is Bali a poor country?

Though the number of people living below the official poverty line in Bali is among the country’s lowest, at less than 5 percent, it sits just next to the Nusa Tenggara islands, where nearly a quarter of the population are poor, according to official statistics.

What is the best month to go to Bali?

The best time to visit Bali is between April and October, the island’s dry season. Bali experiences only two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. Throughout the year, the daytime temps hover between the mid-80s and low 90s, with only the humidity and precipitation patterns changing.

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Is Java better than Bali?

Java is far less commercial than Bali which is why I choose to live in Java. Also the region is different, Hindu in Bali and Muslim in Java. Bali is also tiny in comparison so distances are greater to get to see the different places. They have trains in Java so getting from city to city is easy.

What is better than Bali?

If you’re set on visiting Indonesia, but are open to choosing a different island, try:

  • Lombok, Indonesia. Lombok has amazing waterfalls. …
  • Thousand Islands, Java, Indonesia. …
  • Tanjung Lesung, Java, Indonesia. …
  • Sumbawa, Indonesia. …
  • Morotai, North Maluku, Indonesia. …
  • Koh Yao Noi & Koh Yao Yai, Thailand. …
  • Koh Chang, Thailand. …
  • Cook Islands.

What is the difference between Java and Bali?

With more than 138 million inhabitants, Java – one of Indonesia’s largest islands – is the most populated island in the world and home to more than half of Indonesia’s population. … In contrast to Java and Jakarta is Bali, Indonesia’s best-known and most-visited island, located just off Java’s southeastern coast.

What should I avoid in Indonesia?

11 Things You Should Never, Ever Do in Indonesia

  • Never joke about race, religion, and ethnicity. …
  • Never underestimate how spicy a meal can be. …
  • Do not drink alcohol or play card games in public places. …
  • Do not drink tap water. …
  • Don’t do drugs. …
  • Don’t forget to say thank you. …
  • Don’t disrupt the wildlife. …
  • Don’t ignore local customs.

Is Bali Open in 2021?

Bali’s eventual reopening will return the island to its pre-Omicron tourist conditions, making it hard to predict whether or not the island will see any visitors. … Covid-19 travel plans can alter at any time, but it’s unlikely that the island will open before the end of 2021 at the earliest.

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What is the safest place in Indonesia?

Safest Places in Indonesia

  • The Island of Gods. Bali. Bali is one of the world’s travel hotspots at the moment. …
  • The Island of Relaxation. Lombok. Smaller than Bali and less hectic, Lombok offers even more stunning beaches, a calm and laid-back lifestyle and loads of untouched nature. …
  • The Island of Dragons. Flores.
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