Question: What is hasNext () in Java?

The hasNext() is a method of Java Scanner class which returns true if this scanner has another token in its input.

What is the difference between hasNext and next method in Java?

hasNext() – Returns true if the iteration has more elements. next() – Returns the next element in the iteration.

What does nextLine () do?

nextLine() method advances this scanner past the current line and returns the input that was skipped. This method returns the rest of the current line, excluding any line separator at the end. The position is set to the beginning of the next line.

What is Nextstring () in Java?

2. Java Scanner next(String pattern) Method. It is a Scanner class method which returns the next token if it matches the pattern constructed from the specified string.

What does scanner close () do?

close() method closes this scanner. If this scanner has not yet been closed then if its underlying readable also implements the Closeable interface then the readable’s close method will be invoked. If this scanner is already closed then invoking this method will have no effect.

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What is the difference between hasNext and hasNextLine?

The reason is that hasNext() checks if there are any more non-whitespace characters available. hasNextLine() checks to see if there is another line of text available. Your text file probably has a newline at the end of it so it has another line but no more characters that are not whitespace.

What is the return type of hasNext () method of an iterator?

1. Which of these return type of hasNext() method of an iterator? Explanation: hasNext() returns boolean values true or false.

How is nextLine () different from other scanner methods?

Difference between next() and nextLine()

A Scanner class breaks its input into tokens using a delimiter pattern, which by default matches white-space. … next() can read the input only till the space. It can’t read two words separated by space. Also, next() places the cursor in the same line after reading the input.

Why do we use nextLine <UNK> in Java?

The nextLine() method of java. util. Scanner class advances this scanner past the current line and returns the input that was skipped. … Since this method continues to search through the input looking for a line separator, it may search all of the input searching for the line to skip if no line separators are present.

What does scanner next () return?

next() method finds and returns the next complete token from this scanner. A complete token is preceded and followed by input that matches the delimiter pattern. This method may block while waiting for input to scan, even if a previous invocation of hasNext() returned true.

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What is use of forName () method?

forName(String name, boolean initialize, ClassLoader loader) method returns the Class object associated with the class or interface with the given string name, using the given class loader. The specified class loader is used to load the class or interface.

What is use of GetString () method?

The GetString method returns the specified Recordset as a string. This method can be used to fill HTML tables in ASP files.

How do I use Nextstring?

next() Method: The next() method in java is present in the Scanner class and is used to get the input from the user.


Next() NextLine()
It places the cursor in the same line after reading the input. It places the cursor in the next line after reading the input.

Why do we use scanner?

A scanner is a device usually connected to a computer. Its main function is to scan or take a picture of the document, digitize the information and present it on the computer screen.

Why do we need to close scanner in Java?

If you do not close the Scanner then Java will not garbage collect the Scanner object and you will have a memory leak in your program: void close(): closes the Scanner and allows Java to reclaim the Scanner’s memory. You cannot re-use a Scanner so you should get rid of it as soon as you exhaust its input.

What is scanner in Java?

Scanner is a class in java. util package used for obtaining the input of the primitive types like int, double, etc. and strings. … To create an object of Scanner class, we usually pass the predefined object, which represents the standard input stream.

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