Your question: How do I update MySQL version in cPanel Hostgator?

How do I update MySQL in HostGator?

So to upgrade you MySQL version you just have to Login to WHM with root user and access the option Server Configuration then Tweak Settings. Look for MySQL and check the radio button for 5.0 from 4.1 OR login to the server via SSH and open the file /var/cpanel/cpanel. config and find for mysql-version.

What is HostGator MySQL version?

HostGator is using version 5.6 of MySQL. While MySQL supports many versions, the latest is 8.0. HostGator’s MySQL implementation is eight years old.

How connect MySQL to HostGator?

via cPanel

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Under the Databases section, click on the Remote MySQL® icon.
  3. On the Remote MySQL® page, enter the connecting IP address, then click Add Host. To know what your current local IP address is, please visit

Does HostGator support MySQL?

All our web hosting plans offer MySQL, and MS SQL is available on our Windows hosting. For MySQL, if you do not want to use a third-party application, you can use phpMyAdmin in cPanel or Plesk to manage your database, which can be accessed with a web browser.

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How do I update my cPanel database version?

To upgrade your server’s version of MySQL or MariaDB, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the version of MySQL or MariaDB that you wish to upgrade. …
  2. Click Next. …
  3. Select the checkbox next to each warning to acknowledge that you are aware of the potential consequences of the upgrade.
  4. Click Continue.

What is the latest version of MySQL?

MySQL 8.0 is the most current GA release. Download MySQL 8.0 »

  • for the MySQL 8.0 Generally Available (GA) Release.
  • for the MySQL 5.7 Generally Available (GA) Release.
  • for the MySQL 5.6 Generally Available (GA) Release.

What server software does HostGator use?

All shared and reseller accounts come with: Linux x86 CentOS 6 and 7 (a free version of Red Hat) 64-bit Operating System. Kernel – Latest stable release, updated as needed. Apache 2.4.

How do I contact HostGator?

To summarize, we found HostGator to be a reliable and customer friendly hosting service. Their 24/7 customer support is among the best. That’s why we’ve added HostGator as one of the best WordPress hosting companies.

How do I access MySQL database in cPanel?

Under Web Hosting, next to the Linux Hosting account you want to use, click Manage. In the account Dashboard, click cPanel Admin. In the cPanel Home page, in the Databases section, click Remote MySQL. Under Add Access Host, in the Host field, enter the IP address from which you want to access your databases.

How do I import MySQL database into cPanel?

Import / Export a mySQL database using cPanel & phpMyAdmin

  1. Log into your cPanel account.
  2. Locate the “phpMyAdmin” icon found under the “Databases” section.
  3. After phpMyAdmin loads, click on the “Import” tab.
  4. Click on the “Choose File” button and select your . …
  5. Click on the “Go” button and your MySQL database will import.
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How do I download MySQL database from cPanel?

Log in to cPanel. In the Files section, click on the Backups icon. Under Partial Backups, look for Download a MySQL Database Backup, and then click the name of the specific database you want to backup. Wait for the download to complete.

How do I connect to MySQL remote in cPanel?

Allow Remote Connections

  1. Log in to cPanel using Username & Password. …
  2. Navigate to Databases → Remote MySQL®.
  3. Host: Enter your static network IP. …
  4. Comment(optional): To remember the entry, you can write the statement.
  5. To save the configuration → Click the “Add Host” button.

How do I access MySQL database?


  1. Log into your Linux web server via Secure Shell.
  2. Open the MySQL client program on the server in the /usr/bin directory.
  3. Type in the following syntax to access your database: $ mysql -h {hostname} -u username -p {databasename} Password: {your password}

How do I connect to a MySQL database?

To Connect to a MySQL Database

  1. Click Services tab.
  2. Expand the Drivers node from the Database Explorer. …
  3. Enter User Name and Password. …
  4. Click OK to accept the credentials. …
  5. Click OK to accept the default schema.
  6. Right-click the MySQL Database URL in the Services window (Ctrl-5).
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