Your question: How do you initialize a NULL char array in Java?

char[] ret = new char[0]; this will create an empty array. But you can use it only as a placeholder for cases when you don’t have an array to pass. The best way to have an extensible array of char without the overhead of an Character object for each char, is to use a StringBuilder.

How do you initialize a char array with null?

Another useful method to initialize a char array is to assign a string value in the declaration statement. The string literal should have fewer characters than the length of the array; otherwise, there will be only part of the string stored and no terminating null character at the end of the buffer.

How do you initialize a char array in Java?

Initializing Char Array

A char array can be initialized by conferring to it a default size. char [] JavaCharArray = new char [ 4 ]; This assigns to it an instance with size 4.

Can we initialize array to null in Java?

An array has it’s members initialized to their default values. … A null array is a null Array Reference (since arrays are reference types in Java). JLS-4.12.5 Initial Values of Variables says in part. For type int, the default value is zero, that is, 0.

How do you declare a null character in Java?

Empty Character Literal in Java

  1. Use Empty Single Quotes to Represent a Null or Empty Character in Java.
  2. Use Character.MIN_VALUE or Unicode to Represent Empty Character Literal in Java.
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How do you initialize a char array?

In C++, when you initialize character arrays, a trailing ‘

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