avr-uart 0.4 released – Atmel AVR UART Serial Library

Please visit the GitHub project page for the most up to date information, and sample code.


I’ve just updated the avr-uart library to version 0.4. It is designed for use on Atmel AVR microcontrollers. This is free and open source for all to use and is derived from original code by Peter Fluery and Tim Sharpe. Some changes include:
* Supports ring buffers over 256 bytes in size (use the -DUSART1_LARGER_BUFFER in your compiler switches to enable it for USART1 etc). Each USART can have large buffer support turned on or off independently.
* Modified code to use easier to read and understand “uint16_t” type instead of “unsigned int”.
* Some code cleanup You can download

Version 0.4 over here on GitHub. (GitHub project)