How do I fix MySQL wait timeout exceeded?

How do I fix MySQL lock wait timeout exceeded?

Resolving the current locking issue

START TRANSACTION; UPDATE cust SET ORDERS = (ORDERS + 1) WHERE ID > 7680; In another connection start a transaction, and run a query that tries to update the same set of rows as the transaction above. To get the list of all the running transactions, query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.

How do I stop MySQL timeout?

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  1. The interactive timeout does not affect any web application connections. …
  2. Choose a reasonable waittimeout value. …
  3. Configure the wait_timeout to be slightly longer than the application connection pool’s expected connection lifetime. …
  4. Consider changing the waittimeout value online.

What Causes lock wait timeout MySQL?

The common causes are: The offensive transaction is not fast enough to commit or rollback the transaction within innodb_lock_wait_timeout duration. The offensive transaction is waiting for row lock to be released by another transaction.

How can avoid lock wait timeout exceeded try restarting transaction in MySQL?


  1. Make sure the database tables are using InnoDB storage engine and READ-COMMITTED transaction isolation level.
  2. If the the above configuration is correct then please try to increase the database server innodb_lock_wait_timeout variable to 500.
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How do I stop a MySQL table from locking?

Option 3: Third option to prevent table locks with MySQL database is to use AUTOCOMMIT on the database level. This will prevent table locks from occurring unintentionally during report execution since all the transactions are committed after they are executed without additional commit commands.

What is deadlock MySQL?

A deadlock in MySQL happens when two or more transactions mutually hold and request for locks, creating a cycle of dependencies. … InnoDB automatically detects transaction deadlocks, rollbacks a transaction immediately and returns an error. It uses a metric to pick the easiest transaction to rollback.

How do I check MySQL wait timeout?

2 Answers

  1. Edit my. cnf (the MySQL configuration file). …
  2. Locate the timeout configuration and adjust it to fit your server. [mysqld] wait_timeout = 31536000 interactive_timeout = 31536000.
  3. Save the changes and exit the editor.
  4. Restart MySQL to apply the changes as follows: sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart.

How do I increase the connection timeout in MySQL workbench?

Can I adjust the timeout? Yes, go to Preferences, SQL Editor, and adjust the DBMS connection read time out option that defaults to 600 seconds. This sets the maximum amount of time (in seconds) that a query can take before MySQL Workbench disconnects from the MySQL server.

How do I change the execution time in MySQL?

Modify the phpMyAdmin script execution time

  1. Modify the following option in the php.ini file: max_execution_time = 120.
  2. Modify the ExecTimeLimit value in the phpMyAdmin configuration file: NOTE: Depending on your installation type, you can find the phpMyAdmin configuration in the following locations:

How do I stop a process in MySQL?

Login to DB; Run a command show full processlist; to get the process id with status and query itself which causes the database hanging; Select the process id and run a command KILL <pid>; to kill that process.

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How do I know if a table is locked in MySQL?

In MySQL, locked tables are identified using the SHOW OPEN TABLES command. In its simplest form is displays all locked tables. All open tables in the table cache are listed, but the IN_USE column indicates of the table is locked. When the first lock is taken, the value increments to 1.

What is a lock wait issue?

A lock wait occurs when a transaction tries to obtain a lock on a resource that is already held by another transaction. When the duration of the lock wait time is extended, this results in a slow down of SQL query execution.

How do I stop lockout timeout?

The basic strategies for avoiding the wasteful work delays from lock waits and deadlocks are the same:

  1. Lock as little data as possible.
  2. Lock it for as short a time as possible.
  3. If you’re operating on multiple pieces of data, try to arrange for it to be done in the same order.

How do I start a transaction in MySQL?

MySQL transaction statements

  1. To start a transaction, you use the START TRANSACTION statement. …
  2. To commit the current transaction and make its changes permanent, you use the COMMIT statement.
  3. To roll back the current transaction and cancel its changes, you use the ROLLBACK statement.

How does InnoDB check engine status?

SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS is a specific form of the SHOW ENGINE statement that displays the InnoDB Monitor output, which is extensive InnoDB information which can be useful in diagnosing problems.