Quick Answer: How do you replace in Java?

The Java string replace() method will replace a character or substring with another character or string. The syntax for the replace() method is string_name. replace(old_string, new_string) with old_string being the substring you’d like to replace and new_string being the substring that will take its place.

What is replace method in Java?

Java String replace() Method

The replace() method searches a string for a specified character, and returns a new string where the specified character(s) are replaced.

How do you replace a variable in Java?

Java String replace(CharSequence target, CharSequence replacement) method example

  1. public class ReplaceExample2{
  2. public static void main(String args[]){
  3. String s1=”my name is khan my name is java”;
  4. String replaceString=s1.replace(“is”,”was”);//replaces all occurrences of “is” to “was”
  5. System.out.println(replaceString);

How do you replace a word with another in Java?

Java String replaceAll() example: replace word

  1. public class ReplaceAllExample2{
  2. public static void main(String args[]){
  3. String s1=”My name is Khan. My name is Bob. My name is Sonoo.”;
  4. String replaceString=s1.replaceAll(“is”,”was”);//replaces all occurrences of “is” to “was”
  5. System.out.println(replaceString);
  6. }}
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How do I replace a character in a string in Java?

String are immutable in Java. You can’t change them. You need to create a new string with the character replaced.

How do you replace one character in Java?

“how to replace only one character in string in java” Code Answer’s

  1. String str = in. nextLine(); //Original String.
  2. char cr = in. next(). charAt(0); // character to replace.
  3. int index = in. nextInt(); // Index where replaced.
  4. str = str. substring(0, index) + cr + str. substring(index + 1);// modified string.

How do I replace a character in a string?

Syntax: public String replace(char oldch, char newch) Parameters: oldch : the old character. newch : the new character. Return Value It returns a string derived from this string by replacing every occurrence of oldch with newch.

How do you change a variable value?

To change a variable value while debugging:

  1. In the Variables view, right-click the variable and select the Change Value… item.
  2. Enter the new value in the field.

How do I uninstall in Java?

Manual Uninstall

  1. Click Start.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select System.
  4. Select Apps & features.
  5. Select the program to uninstall and then click its Uninstall button.
  6. Respond to the prompts to complete the uninstall.

How do you replace an int in Java?

Step 1 : Ask the user to enter a positive integer and store the value in a variable. Step 2 : Convert the integer to string by using toString() function and then calculate the length. Step 3 : Declare a string variable to store the replaced number.

How do you replace a word in a String in Java without using replace method?

To replace a character in a String, without using the replace() method, try the below logic. Let’s say the following is our string. int pos = 7; char rep = ‘p’; String res = str. substring(0, pos) + rep + str.

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How do you replace all words in Word?

Find and replace text

  1. Go to Home > Replace or press Ctrl+H.
  2. Enter the word or phrase you want to locate in the Find box.
  3. Enter your new text in the Replace box.
  4. Select Find Next until you come to the word you want to update.
  5. Choose Replace. To update all instances at once, choose Replace All.

How do I remove a character from a string?

You can remove a character or multiple characters from a string using replace() or translate(). Both the replace() and translate() methods return the same outcome: a string without the characters you have specified. For beginners, the replace() method is easier to use. This is because it only accepts two parameters.

How do I remove a character from a string in Java?

How to remove a particular character from a string ?

  1. public class RemoveChar {
  2. public static void main(String[] args) {
  3. String str = “India is my country”;
  4. System.out.println(charRemoveAt(str, 7));
  5. }
  6. public static String charRemoveAt(String str, int p) {
  7. return str.substring(0, p) + str.substring(p + 1);
  8. }

How do you replace a character in a string with spaces in Java?


  1. public class ReplaceSpace.
  2. {
  3. public static void main(String[] args) {
  4. String string = “Once in a blue moon”;
  5. char ch = ‘-‘;
  6. //Replace space with specific character ch.
  7. string = string. replace(‘ ‘, ch);
  8. System. out. println(“String after replacing spaces with given character: “);